Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book Lust - Thank You Notes

Holy crap is this amazing.  There is no planet, no universe, or crappy mood that you could possibly inhabit where this would not make you crack a genuine smile.  Oh, it's funny 'cause it's true.

"Thank you... guy with the $10,000 sound system in his $800 car, for driving down Broadway this afternoon.  You're loud.  You're proud.  You're in a '91 Tercel.  Thank you." 

A standard bit on his Late Night show, Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes, is a histerical look at obvious truths played out every single day in our weird little worlds.  He states, in just a few sentences, all the thoughts we think to ourselves, but dare not say out loud lest we sound a) like a huge jerk or b) like we just took a trip to crazy town.  It is supremely rewarding to not only find affirmation that other people think these things, but that Mr. Fallon has the eloquence to state them with such profound hit-it-and-quit-it swagger.  To the guy who brought us "Idiot Boyfriend," I thank YOU.  

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