Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Things.

Today was a pretty ho-hum day.  So here's to a few things that have made me super mega happy recently:
  •  Hugs from my favoritest, most annoyingly loveable cheerleader.  She's short, she's squirmy, she's been with me for all three years and she may or may not have "stalked my website" yesterday.  :)  Best. Hugs. Ever.  This girl has driven me crazy, up the wall, around the bend, mad with hysterical giggles, and so full of love it surprises me every day.  She's the best kind of lovely - the kind you never see coming but who will never ever let you forget them.  Mija - te amo!! 
  •  Read A Book.  If I had guaranteed immunity, I would totally show this in class.  Because it's amazing.  And just so happens to be an extension of my internal monologue.  And so inappropriately funny.  Mad love to my friend Kyle who introduced this bit of magic to me a few years ago.  It makes me laugh every single time.  

  • Blaring show tunes in the car and singing along on the drive home from work.  "No good deed goes unpunished..."  So cathartic. 
  • Kitten cuddles.  Is there anything better?  After a long day, my best girl Melo always greets me at the door with a meow.  Sure, she probably just wants a belly rub and a snack, and sure, she can be moody as all get out.  But when she makes the move for the cuddle, it makes it all the more amazing.  Love. Her. 
  • Pomplamoose.  The collaboration between Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn is just so darn cute.  They have a wealth of covers and original songs put together into "videosong" format - where every sound you hear is represented by what you see.  Their style is quirky and driven by the layering of Nataly's voice and the many, many instruments Jack and Nataly play.   A real life couple, they just make my heart feel warm and fuzzy.  Also the music is good.  Which helps. 

  • The Hungry Caterpillar-themed birthday parties.  My friend Steffany's little bundle of cuteness will be turning one soon, and to celebrate she's having a super cute party.  Looking through all the DIY Hungry Caterpillar birthday projects online today was so inspiring. And while crafts aren't... well, they may not be Steffany's strong suit... little Mack's birthday is bound to be an abundance of adorable.  
{newborn Hungry Caterpillar costume found here
  • That tingly feeling that comes from being suddenly thrust in front of an astonishingly attractive man.  Ahhh.  Sometimes I wonder if I've just grown out of it - that silly little butterfly-y intimidation I used to get when I met someone 'Oh God' hot.  But it happened today - for the first time in a long time.  Sure he was married and - even if he hadn't been attached - completely out of my league... it wasn't really about him.  Not at all.  
  • The family farm.  My cousin Tyler is considering following family tradition and going into farming.  I think to most of my family, it was a huge surprise and maybe a bit more risk than your average 20-something is willing to take on, but I have nothing but love for it.  City girl though I am, I feel more connected to that farm than I do most anywhere else.  It makes me feel unbelievably warm, fuzzy, and proud as all hell that even if only for a trial period, the farm we grew up on and shared so many amazing experiences with our parents and grandparents will function in the truest family tradition.  I am no farmer - I don't know anything about what it takes financially or physically or emotionally.  But I know that this is the farm that my grandfather was born on; the house that he grew up in.  The place where I learned how and when to pick strawberries, when to stop picking asparagus, how to count out an easy mile walk without any global positioning assistance, how to keep the teeniest of newborn kittens alive, how to sew, count cars, hang a porch swing, bake bread, and make amazing somethings out of nothings.  Tyler is the son of a third generation farmer - and I can't imagine anyone better for the job. 
  • The Big Bang Theory.  Feisty, uber smart, and hilarious in all the right ways.  I love that this is a show clearly created for the post college set.  It makes me happy in all the right ways and on nearly every day!  I don't know what I was doing before I discovered this 30 minute ball of amazingness, but I'll tell you what  I'm doing now.  Nothing.  Seriously... there are mini-marathons on TBS three times a week.  I'm getting nothing done.  But it is so worth it.  I don't know how to express this completely... oh wait... Bazinga!  

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