Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Movies.

How many of us grew up knowing a parent or family friend with the perpetual video camera-to-face accessory?

More importantly, how many of us know full well that there is an enormous stock of never watched home videos stashed somewhere - and let's be honest,  there aren't a lot of moments that inspire us to rush home and pull one out.

Today, while trolling around my favorite blogs, (boho baby bump), I found an amazing compilation video that I can't help but share.  This home video not only catches all the big moments of the event, but so many of the little ones that really capture the spirit of the day.  Sure, these moments are there in the long, drawn out versions I grew up with, but here they are captured and commemorated in a succinct and memorable fashion that takes that special moment and elevates it to another level.  And under 4 minutes, anyone who missed the event isn't bogged down with obligation to suffer through an exact play-by-play.  Genius.  

Find this excellent source of inspiration here.  (you're welcome)

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