Monday, January 30, 2012

A Switzer Saturday Night

Lordy Pete, it's been a crazy week and change.  Last week was the last week of the quarter at school - always a busy time and this one was no exception.  And after a few too many 14 hour days, and a complete lack of inspiration - weekend calls. 

It seems I'm one of the last people to join the fun, but I finally got my invite to join Pinterest on Saturday!  Oh, it's such a never-ending candy-store of goodness!!   Of course, I ended up spending waaay too much time poking around and was nearly late for my Switzer Saturday Night, but there is so much to inspire.  And what a difference that makes!  
I've already started a great Valentine's Day DIY project inspired from the pins there and am so excited to share it soon!  So fun.  

Anyone who's known me for any length of time understands that I'm not really a girl who lets her hair down too often.  Literally.  I love to wear my hair up.  Always have.   And as a result, I've always got my eye out for cute and simple ways to do it up.  So when I found a tutorial for a simple, interesting, and oh-so-modern-yet-classic Gibson tuck from Sara Lynn Paige, I was over the moon.

{find the tutorial and more images here}

Not only is the hair gorgeous and super simple, the photos and video are so beautiful and easy to follow.  

I decided to try it out Saturday night for the Dale City Civic Association Awards Banquet.  My good friend Dana was nominated for Dale City Teacher of the Year, so we got all dolled up and rolled out to celebrate. 

Ok.  The awards were actually incredibly long and a bit dry.  The MC was prone to dry and not especially funny off-the-cuff jokes between awards, we were rather smooshed in, and in the end Dana lost out to a retiree.  But overall, not too shabby.  It's such a great thing to be recognized - not only because Dana is so dedicated and truly deserving, but to see our school represented so well and for such a great reason was really wonderful.  

In celebration and in continued honor of the great family Switzer, the fun continued as we made the trek to Leesburg to see Dana's brother, Tony play with his band.  Bitter Creek has been jamming to awesome tunes since they were just teenagers.  Some members have come and gone, but the spirit that keeps them going has sustained.  From classic rock to country to bluegrass to 90's alternative, Bitter Creek plays it all.  And they're good.  Damn good, at that.   Great music with great friends at a great place.  Makes for a great Saturday night in my book.  

{Downtown Saloon in Leesburg, VA:  2 parts biker bar to 1 part hipster cool = recommended}

{the tasty beverage}

{with the lady of the hour}

{Check out Bitter Creek here}

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