Monday, January 2, 2012

To new beginnings!

{Champagne + festive sparkle sticks (from here)}

In the spirit of all things good in a New Year, I feel it is important to strike out anew.  The past few years have left me feeling a bit lackluster, full of indecision and an astonishing lack of inspiration.  Much to my own surprise, after a much talked about big birthday (the big 3-0) and loads of soul searching, it appears I have fallen to the wayside of my own life.  Like I'm waiting for life to suddenly happen to me in some fantastic POOF of awesomeness.  

I'll spare you the suspense.   That... hasn't happened.  

Ok.  New tactic.  As many uber smart people have noted over time and space- if you want something out of life, go get it!  So - to kick start the new year and a new outlook on life, I find myself following in the footsteps of so many awesome people before me.  Artsy, thoughtful people who have taken the time to carve out a true space in their lives for what they love and who are oh so wonderful to share it with us all.  I'm super excited to be starting a blog!  It so jives with my New Year's Resolutions - and already - one day in, I feel accomplished!  Like this is the year those pesky resolutions are going to stick...  And what better way to make sure they do?

Resolutions for a New Year (2012 edition)

  1. Live Actively: I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, I've done a fair bit of wallowing of late and it's time to snap out of it.  This year is all about branching out, trying new things and creating space for the things and people I love in my life.  I want to take risks and push my way out of the comfy, cozy, lazier than thou existence I've come to know.  And oh yeah... learning to say no to the things that don't really make me happy can only help.   
  2. Get out of debt:  I want and need to completely pay off two of my credit cards and set up a bit of an emergency fund.   I have quite a few bills and I'm working very hard to pay it all off - the sooner the better.  It's not fun or glamorous, but it is oh-so necessary.  
  3. Cook with love:  I love to cook, and for some reason, I've kind of fallen out of the habit.  It's time to tie on the apron and get back to it!  There is not better way to show someone that you care for them than by preparing and sharing a meal.  
  4. Love the girl in the mirror:  She's fun, she's smart, she's adventurous, and while she's made some iffy decisions in the past and may not always be the perfect image of a modern domestic goddess/fashionista/indie role model/green citizen/lover/friend -  it makes her who she is!  And gosh darn it, if that isn't why people love her.  She's done some pretty amazing things with her life - even if she has a hard time recognizing it every day.  Maybe it's about time I take care of that girl. 
So cheers, kiddos!  Here's to an amazing and blessed new year! 

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  1. I applaud you Elizabeth. This is a grand start! Happy New Year! (Now, back to marking papers...the very unglamorous part of teaching!)


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