Sunday, February 12, 2012

Homemade Valentines

Despite years of playing the role of the disgruntled single girl on Valentine's Day, I secretly love it.  What better way to show the people you love them than with something handcrafted?    

Inspired by a great valentine's treat idea found on Craftgawker, I decided to send my love this year in it's own special little envelope.  Despite looking a little rough and tumble and clearly lacking the appropriate lighting to fully capture their cuteness on film, I'm quite proud of them.  Little bundles of love.  

The Inspiration:

Here's what I did ...  

The tools:  
*  a medium to large cutting mat (mine is actually way to small, but it did the job)
*  scissors (or a rotary cutter, recommended if you're making large quantities)
*  pencil for pattern tracing
*  traceable pattern in the size you like (I used a quilter's block I had on hand).
*  confetti punch  (mine is from Martha Stewart Crafts and can be found here.) 
*  colorful scrapbook paper (I used three different shades of pink and reds - but definitely do NOT recommend using glittery card stock unless you're willing to have achy hands for a few days.)
*  velum or translucent scrapbook paper 
*  textured heart stickers
*  silver paint pen 

The process:  
1.  Use your confetti punch to create a wealth of heart shaped confetti to stuff your envelopes.  This step takes a little while, but is very fun.  The kitten was very impressed when I had to battle my craft punch to release the glittery card stock I chose;  the little hearts went flying all over creation!  

2.  Using a ruler, pattern, or quilter's block, cut your velum to the size you like.  I wanted a smaller envelope, so I cut mine to 3" x 4".  I highly recommend using a cutting mat and a rotary cutter - makes the process soooo much quicker. 

3.  Stitch together two pieces of velum on three sides to create a pocket for your confetti.  I used a 1/4" seam allowance and carried the stitches all the way across the velum, tying each seam at the back, for a home-spun feel.  

4.  Once the pocket is created, place a small pinch of confetti inside the envelope and stitch the fourth seam to secure in place.  

5.  Decorate the outside of your envelope as you like.  I used simple textured stickers...  

... and a silver paint pen to add my message.  Because the velum is so translucent, the signature and personal message is hidden behind the heart sticker at the back.  

Here's to making your Valentine's Day something special!  

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