Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Productive Day Squashed

I had big dreams for the past two days.  I really did.  To do lists filled with meaningful yet manageable tasks, a detailed plan for cheer practice (it was genius, I swear), thoughtful meal plans and a successful diving off point to begin crafting the aprox. 18 zillion short essays on every job application lurking on the interwebs.  

But then.  The cold cometh.   And faster than I could drive to school and stock the classroom mini-fridge (high school graduation presents live!), I felt it.  That achy, yuckiness that, accompanied with sniffles and pressures in a few too many varieties, left me a whiney void by mid-day.  As much as I try oh-so-hard to keep my day to day angst from coming out against anyone else, I am a whiney three year old with a head cold.  So I carried my weak-willed achy rear end to bed and have stayed there for the last day and a quarter.  

So much for big plans.  Ah well.  I've eaten ridiculous amounts of chicken noodle soup, drank obscene amounts of tea, rifled through the archives of one of my favorite blogs, gave myself a mani-pedi, watched some long ignored Netflix, and stocked up on kitten cuddles.  

Ready to start anew tomorrow, I suppose.  May the twelve year olds be kind (read: quiet. Please, please let them be quiet) and the medication be long lasting.

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