Saturday, March 31, 2012


In the world I don't inhabit - that world where your job has an ending point and you're always on top of things - right - in that fantasy world, it's the first day of spring break.  After nary a snow day, the impulse to run like a bat out of hell out of the building on Friday afternoon would be logical.  But no.

Nopers, today I took my teacher work day early to do some end of quarter housekeeping and pre-spring break prep work.  Up before dawn, off to breakfast before work, and a solid 13 hours of work on my professional portfolio - it's been a very weird weekend day.

On the plus, after working so long on my portfolio, I feel pretty stinking accomplished.  Sometimes I forget that some of the things I've done and accomplished are actually pretty damn cool.  Gathering all my credentials and work samples in this silly little (read: larger than expected) portfolio was a beast of a job -  but I have to admit, it makes me feel kind of great.

In other good news:  Principal delivered a present on Friday - my 5 year service pin and a bonus check!!  It's kind of teeny and will barely pay for my airport parking this upcoming week, but who cares?!  It's awesome to be recognized - even if that recognition may or may not have happened in the dark, during a classroom dance-off to the afternoon announcement music.  True story.  :)

 Hope you find loads of awesomeness to recognize in your weekend!  

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