Sunday, March 11, 2012


{I am sooo excited to get a map pin board going soon!  WANDERLUST}

For a while now, I've found myself feeling like things have been the same for so long... I get the itch to change, to evolve, to pack up everything I own, grab the cat and strike out anew.  And there's good reason for that: I've been living in the house I share with the roommates for longer than any place I've lived since living at home in high school.  I've lived in Virginia longer than anywhere else except for the prairie homeland.  I've been nearly stationary for 4 years.  

In the previous four years, I'd lived in 9 cities in 4 states/regions in 2 countries and called 13 dwellings home.  

I have a pretty healthy dose of wanderlust for a long while.  But my wallet... well, she's more of a homebody.  We're in a constant state of flux - there's a lot of bickering and back and forth between wallet and I.  And we've sort of come up with a compromise - until her needs are satisfied, well, I'm just gonna have to suck it up and stay put.  Wandering must remain a lust for now.  Dreams of travel and adventure await!!  And... well, wait they shall.  

But in the meantime, I am allowed loads of time to ponder and think.  Thoughts of what and when and where and how are in constant rotation.  I have big dreams - though, admittedly, they have been tempered over time.  Where just a few years back I ached to set up a life of transiency and scattered adventure, I feel more and more domestic these days.  I want a home.  I want a family.  I want all of those responsibilities that make packing up an apartment, saying adieu and backpacking across Europe on a whim - well, if not impossible, pretty darn implausible.    But I also don't want to ever become stagnant - so settled it's out of the question to uproot and start again.  

I know once I leave my current city, the chances to wander increase dramatically.  And frankly, so do the possibilities of my falling in love with settling in for the long haul.  But in the meantime, a girl can dream.  

And dream she does...

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