Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Adventures - DC Big Flea

This weekend was so fun.  My good friends Dana, Raegan and I ran around all day on Saturday in the name of Raegan's birthday.  And run we did.  Ok... it was more of a steady stroll - but it was a 12 hour steady stroll, so I feel it definitely counts.  

One of my favorite things about these two ladies is their uncanny ability to do things unexpected by the average professional person.  We don't look at the world with the same eyes at all.  We couldn't come from more different circumstances, have a wider range of expectations or outlooks on life.  But it just works.  

These are my go-to girls when I'm too tired to do anything but sit and glaze in front of the TV on a Friday night.  But come Saturday morning, they're also my go-to girls to jump out of our professional hats and sprint toward every roller coaster, pet expo, family fun zone, or silly/serious/scary/sentimental movie in range.  So when Raegan suggested we go to the DC Big Flea this weekend to celebrate her birthday, we went!  And it was awesome.  

Hundreds of booths crammed with goods of every vintage (and some not-so-vintage) piece imaginable attract quite an eclectic crowd and the wares are as varied as the patronage.  

I'm a bit of an old(-fashioned) soul and genuinely prefer a lot of older products to their newer, more plasticine comrades.  So looking through the kitchenware and uber-practical furnishings is a highlight for me.  And this weekend, I totally scored!  

For just a few dollars, I found these awesome pyrex bowls.  Sturdy, and super stylish with their stripes and dots, these two cuties are sure to make my meals bright.   They're just perfect for a big dinner salad or bowl of yummy soup.  I can't wait!  

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