Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Mix Tape 2: A Memorial

Some weeks are harder than others.
Some days bring back more memories than others.

This week was full of hard, memory-heavy days.   But through it all, it ended up really good.  Which is kind of how things go, isn't it?

March 1st is a day that I will always remember.  But what once was a day full of sadness and awful memories of what it really means, the costs of losing a friend and a great human being, has shifted over time.  
As it should.  It's been a long time.

Every year, I think of him.  But more and more, I remember the wonderful person he was and the strange and wonderful quirks that I hope to never forget.  It's the little things.   The silly moments that make me laugh 12 years later.  And those moments are the reason this weekend's mix tape is in honor of him.  {photo source}
Songs in the key of Josh.    

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