Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Mixtape 3 - And Your Bird Can Sing

When I was in high school, I truly believed I was born in the wrong generation.  I had a penchant for 60s music, the hippie lifestyle, and a burning desire to somehow bend the space-time continuum and go to Woodstock.  

I learned every single Beatles song.  I loved, swooned over, adored and obsessed about John Lennon.  I grew my hair out long and burned incense.  Lots and lots of incense.  I wanted to live in avocado green and orange forever.  I have no idea how my parents survived it.   I'm sure my mom secretly harbored some silent resentment toward my dad for introducing me to the music scene and all, but they were nothing if not supportive.  

But something strange happens as we grow.  As I continued into college, my love of the era didn't change, exactly, but shifted.  It was something less literal, more... me.  And in the years since, these million moments and distractions in glorious vintage heaven have somehow combined into something that fits right into today's world.  A little enclave of society where old-fashioned habits and lifestyle blend quite well into the new-age technology and morays of the 21st century.  

These days, I crave a much more Suzy-homemaker existance than a co-op living hippie one. And I suppose that's the way it goes.  The principals I loved back then defintely still drive me - I'd love nothing more than to find myself a little hippie enclave to call my own: a place full of indipendent shops, farmers markets full of organic food and people who strive to live a local and well-balanced life.  But like most free-wheeling, long-hair and love-bead sporting hippies, eventually we all gotta get up, get out, and grow up.  

This week's mixtape is inspired by the band that set my cravings and inspiration in motion.  

The Beatles live on, friends!  Enjoy! 

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