Monday, April 23, 2012

For Your Information... 11 things

1.  I truly believe that Diet Coke has magical powers.   Like a magic wand.  Or crack.

2.  I have grand, albeit soggy, fantasies of being proposed to in the rain.  I have no idea where this comes from, but it is the most romantic thing I can imagine.

3.  Sometimes I wonder about the ramifications of modern medicine... if you are a fertility baby like me, are we somehow genetically stunted?  If we wouldn't have existed at all without such strong help... what kind of social-emotional ramifications are lurking for us (read: me)?  It is my own special existential crisis in waiting, I guess.  Oh... first world problems.

4. When I was about three, I had an incredibly graphic and memorable dream that single handedly initiated my deep and lifelong fear of tornadoes.  I remember so many details of that dream, but more upsetting, I remember trying desperately trying to tell my parents why I was so upset and they just didn't understand.  It was a very sad day.

5.  I don't really understand social media.  I like the idea of twitter and facebook and tumblr and whatnot... but who has the time?  I can't even get to the gym on the regular - let alone fill my day with witty commentary in 140 characters or less.  ...Thus proving I am getting old. 

6.  If I don't love a book enough to miss it after the last page is turned, I cannot deem it worthwhile.  Any book I claim to be a favorite has been read at least 3 times.  At least.

7.  My next international adventure will be to Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It has been on the top of my list for a long time and was a huge fave of my traveling friends while in the Peace Corps.  I feel it will be a slightly craggy and off-the-beaten-path tonic for my raging wanderlust.  Either that or it will make it rage all the more... but I'm pretty good with that.

8.  I have a brownish-green thumb.  But I so want a garden.  Flowers, veg... the works.  I love fresh food and even though I kind of hate summer heat and humidity - it so doesn't jive with my uber pale/sensitive skin - I love digging around in the dirt and having something tangible to show for your hard work.

9.  When I was little, I wanted glasses so much I tried to lie on my vision tests to trick the school nurse into thinking I needed glasses.  Totally didn't work.  Now that I have them for realsies and can't see my own face without them... I still love them.  Hands down my favorite accessory and the excitement of getting new ones is just more than I can bear.

10.  Ever since I was a little kiddo hanging out with my grandma on the farm, I've kind of secretly wanted to become a housewife.  I'm also secretly kind of horrified that I would find it incredibly boring and that I just might make the literal worst stay at home mom ever.  So there's that.
{so many horrifyingly amazing old advertisements found here}

11.  My favorite thing in life is to listen to someone you love's heartbeat through their chest.  There is nothing better.  Nothing.

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