Monday, April 9, 2012

A Photo an Hour - April 5, 2012

Even the non-eventful days are full of little golden moments.  Take note of them!  Quite a few of my favorite bloggers have been rocking this idea out for a while now, and I just couldn't resist.  What a great way to capture the true spirit of your day?   A photo an hour:  Thursday, April 5.   

9am:  An empty house and a note from the madre, the self-declared "barn queen."   

10am: Basking in a sunbeam with Benji

11am: Photo editing inspired by an awesome post by My Girl Thursday

12pm: I love a lazy day!  Blog planning and yummy inspiration a la The Chew.  
How great would it be to be able to watch this every. single. day... sigh.  

1pm: Final preparations for some errand running with the madre.  With the perfect musical backdrop, of course... 

2pm: Exploring the garden and loving the gorgeous spring weather!!  Benji wants out too, but no luck, mister.  

3pm: A mother-daughter tradition - hot stone pedicures!  So relaxing.  The bright yellow paint?  maybe not so relaxing, but the hot pink trim does add a little something special... 

4pm:  New shoes!  I have a very feast or famine approach to fashion - but once I find something I love, I love it until I kill it dead.  Some of my favorite shoes a la Target 2006 have been dragging their last legs for about a year now, but I loved them too much to get rid of them.  Until today!  Replacements have been found.  Very excited.  

5pm: The madre needed new glasses, so of course I used my time well!  Take a look at these beauties!!!  And to think, some sorry hipster paid over $300 (!!) for these glorious atrocities to fashion.   

6pm: Home-grilled filet mignon?  Yes please!   It looks a bit gross, this... but man was it tasty.  

7pm: After dinner walk and backyard adventures with the Benji-face.  

8pm: Primping and prepping for a night out with my best friend, JJ. 

What did you do today?  

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