Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Adventures - Homeward Bound

It's that time of year... the birds are chirping, the sun is shining more and more, the leaves are bursting forth, bathing the world in a yellow pollen-y mess and the children have officially lost their minds.  Luckily, last week was spring break.  A much needed respite in a sea of work and stress and teenage (or worse, pre-teen) angst.  The original plan was to become one with the couch, catch up on some Netflix and generally become gelatinous.  But a few fun opportunities came up, so away went the dreams of lounging for a week and away we went to Nebraska.  The homeland.  The Good Life.  Not nearly as restful as the original plan.. but my oh my how a few days in the midwest rejuvenates my soul.  

It was a week full of opportunity, family gatherings and celebrations, time with best friends, good food, trips to the zoo, the farm, and yet another viewing of Hunger Games!  :)  Very nice.  

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