Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Rainy Day Wishlist

On the way home from work tonight, the sky opened up and let loose.  Torrents of rain.  Fresh and stern, rejuvenating yet punitive.  It made me want to jump out of my car mid-commute and dance.  And I thought... what am I waiting for?  It's time to make some of those back-of-my-mind dreams a reality.

This year is a time for change.  A time for challenges.  A time for betterment and a time for taking action.  There are loads of big things lurking on the horizon, but I'm a big believer that big things come in small packages.  Like raindrops.  My list of ambitions large and small will continue to grow as more days pass by.  There is much to be lost.  So today is the day we begin.  Things that have bounced around the back of my brain for far too long, but I know they will help me in some way and that some things just aren't worth the procrastination.  Because you never know when you'll get the chance to dance in the rain again...

The Rainy Day Wishlist...  changing a life one day at a time:

1.  Learn to run at least 20 minutes without stopping.
2.  Plant and tend a garden.  Get dirty and bond with the earth.
3.  Send handwritten letters to 5 friends.
4.  Go camping.
5.  Read at least 20 new books.
6.  Eat a hot dog with the works at a ballpark.
7.  Take homemade baked goods to a nursing home.
8.  Learn to play bridge.
9.  Dance in the rain.
10.  Go to an outdoor concert.
11.  Pick apples at an orchard.
12.  Make homemade jam and give to family.
13.  Eat breakfast for dinner.
14.  Make snow angles  in broad daylight.
15.  Climb to a mountain summit.
16.  Do one thing that truly scares me.  As often as possible.
17.  Audition for a play.
18.  Lose my phone for a week.
19.  Start a new holiday tradition.
20.  Picnic in the park. 
21.  Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
22.  Watch the sun rise over the water.
23.  Make my own days of the week dishtowels.
24.  Donate something I love to charity.
25.  Learn to play a new song on the piano.
26.  Go to a football game at Memorial Stadium.
27.  Learn to make a sure-fire soufflé.
28.  Explore a new city without a plan.
29.  Volunteer in a soup kitchen.
30.  Love without cause or reservation.  Expect nothing in return.

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