Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Real Chernobyl Diaries

Hollywood is long known for taking situations and turning them on their heads to make a buck and entertain the masses.   So why is this any different?  Another movie, another story spun.  No big deal.  

But this one just sits wrong for me.  I spent too much time in Ukraine.  Too much time talking to people who worked there.  Who saw the explosion.  Who helped build the sarcophagus.  Who helped feed and treat and support those who helped build and rebuild.  Who lost friends and family.  Who watched loves wither and die from the cancer they continue to wait for with an undiluted certainty that has already taken hold from the massive amounts of radiation they encountered as a result of their efforts.  Who still feel indescribably angry and hurt and betrayed by the situation, the government, and the world who knew more than they did about the situation on their front door.  Who continue to eat and serve government paid school lunches in specific zones as the only notable payment for their townships continually high radiation levels in the water and soil.  

Tragic though it may be, and perhaps the perfect forum for a horror movie, it's still a real place where real people fled, leaving their lives, their livelihoods and their memories of their homeland behind.  Maybe that's the story we should be sharing instead.  

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