Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mind the Gap

After a few weeks of absence from this little space I've grown to love already, it seems fitting to fill in some gaps.  These next few days/weeks should prove enlightening as I may just find the time and inspiration to put these thoughts to paper.  

It has been busy, busy.  Uplifting, exhausting, sad as sad can be, exciting, inspiring, depressing and overwhelming on so many levels.  

Just a few things on my mind...  

*  Saying goodbye to a job I've loved and people I adore.  It is not fair that different areas of your life can be so conflicting, but at the end of the day, I have to do for me what I've tried to do for my students.  It's new and scary and so sad to say goodbye... but deep down, I know it's the right move for me. 

*  My family is amazing.  We are broken in the small ways that don't seem to matter, but above all, we genuinely love spending time together.  No pretense, no guilt or sense of obligation.  We just love each other and their support for me in this time of change is so wonderful.  

*  Where is my camera!?  I've managed to misplace my new and glorious little friend.  Hopefully, after the grand clean-and-close-out of my classroom tomorrow, I shall return victorious.  If not... well... I'll take it as it comes, I spose.  

*  Love and fat.  Specifically - brainstorming how to bring in and accept more of the former, and reducing (greatly) the latter.  

*  50 Shades.  (Grey and otherwise).  I'm fascinated by different people's ideas of love - the hows and wheres and whys and whats and whos.  The idea of appropriateness is such a huge thing for so many people, and our ideas are all so different.  It's a beautiful thing.  As long as we remember the all important mantra:  judge not, judge not, judge not.  

*  First Church.  I'm not an overly religious person.  I don't spend my time capitalizing pronouns to describe my spirituality.  But I do believe that church is important.  And it is something I have deeply missed.  Spending time with like-minded people in communion of thoughts and hearts and positivity is such a powerful thing and I am genuinely excited to return to the big building on the hill - and the coffee shop downtown.  Genuine people who care and wholeheartedly want to share their lives with the likes of me.   Be it in song, over coffee and doughnuts in the am, or coffee and beer in the pm.  It feels like home.  

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