Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Bit Of A Funk

The past couple days have felt a bit ... off.  Nothing overtly bad, but there's just been something about them that make me wish it was mid-November and I could snuggle up in a cozy sweater with a cup of super hot chai.  With snow.  Lots of snow.  

Without a set schedule, I'm floundering a bit.  Ignoring the easy items on the to-do list in favor of lazing around and watching waaay too much television.  I haven't read in a couple weeks, have been forgetting to charge my phone, and with all this relaxation, my sleep schedule has just jumped ship.  
Yesterday, I received some news that I wasn't expecting and am still trying to find my way through my thoughts. There are decisions to be made and I'm not sure I'm ready to make them.  

Much to my surprise, I'm actually really glad my summer will be cut short this year.   I go back to work officially in two weeks and school will begin shortly thereafter.  And I'm grateful.  I'm hoping this sense of routine and purpose will help calm some of my nerves and break the funk.  We'll see.  

In the meantime, I'm still holding out for sweater weather... 

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