Friday, July 6, 2012

And The Living Is Easy

Oh, summertime.  The perfect time for simple food, good friends, and a relaxed mind.  Sometimes easier said than done, but always more easily reached through the kitchen.

The caprese salad is a summer classic.  Fresh ingredients fill your kitchen with earthly aromas and bright color; simple and satisfying.  Putting a smile on my face and my belly.  If you haven't sliced and chiffonade-ed your way to summer bliss yet... the time is now.  It will make you happy, too.  I promise.  

Classic Summer Caprese Salad

1 ball fresh mozarella
2 fresh tomatoes from the garden or farmer's market (if store bought, opt for on-the-vine)
handful fresh basil leaves
good quality olive oil
good quality balsamic vinegar
s + p to taste

Slice tomatoes in half and remove all seeds using a spoon.  Using a bread knife (for awesome control and easy slicing every time), slice tomatoes thinly and put aside.  Using a paring or chef's knife, slice mozzarella ball into slices the same thickness as tomatoes.  Arrange  tomato and cheese slices on serving dish in an alternating pattern.  Stack basil leaves in a small pile, roll lengthwise and hold.  Chiffonade the rolled basil to create thin strips.  Sprinkle over tomato and cheese slices.  Dress lightly with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper to taste.  

Serve cool to room temperature as a side dish or light and refreshing main course.  Yum. 

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