Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Midwest Summer Bliss

Some of the most wonderful things happen when you go home again.  The past week has been fairly uneventful, but it's also been kind of great.  It is a typical midwestern summer - hotter than anyone could have imagined and beautiful.  I've been able to spend time with some great old friends and have even started to sow the seeds of new friendships, new experiences, new opportunities.  

Everywhere I go, I'm greeted with little ghosts.  Ghosts of memories and experiences and friendships and laughter.  Some of the memories are sad or tender, some are rather hilarious, but most are simple.  Satisfying.  Enough to bring a smile to my face over and over again.  

I wonder how those who've never left handle it all.  I am nothing if not nostalgic most of the moments of my day.  But I wonder...  If I'd never left, never traveled away to school, out of the country, out of state, out of sight, out of mind... I wonder if I would be feeling this way.  These moments where the mere act of walking into a Target makes me giggle at the memories of a single outing with friends over 13 years ago.  The pang I feel when I pass by a certain intersection and still look for the wooden cross at the side of the road, long ago removed.  The indescribable happy-sad feeling as I pass by the playground where I first fell in love.  The little memories of people and places and moments in time.   

I hope I'm not the only one I shared these memories with who feels this way.  But either way, I'm greatful that I remember.  That these little moments have the power to slow me down and help me appreciate the where's and the what's and the who's of my life.  

So in this moment, when the summer evening breeze is cool and refreshing and sounds of music float out of the sunset and fill my ears with memories and new found experiences alike, I can look around and recognize it for what it is.  Bliss.  

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