Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Q & A: Perfect Day

{Moleskineh, a photo by Amir Kuckovic on Flickr}

I love the idea of a diary. I love reading through it and reminiscing about all the things of big and little consequences. It is one of my favorite things. I have so many of them from over the years... and I truely cherish them. But... I'm also kind of lazy these days. I love the idea, but currently I lack the diligence and discipline it takes. So little while ago, I picked up this little gem. And I'll be honest... it's been awesome.

Some questions are silly, some feel serious. Some are specific to the moment, while others are a wee bit more thought provoking. My favorite so far...

What are the ingredients for a perfect day?

For me it's simple:

A Perfect Day

early morning sunrise
hazelnut coffee, Starbucks chai, or, more likely, earl grey tea
quiet breakfast
backyard/patio/stoop/sunny nook, as available
friends and family
fresh food
a good book
music (this song definitely comes to mind)
beautiful sunset

Mix all ingredients together to taste. Serve with a side of introspection and a dollop of wit. 
Repeat daily or as often as humanly possible. 

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