Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Photo An Hour - July 4, 2012

Holidays are two parts party, one part normal day.  We tend to remember the big moments, the moments that fill our proverbial photo albums and make excellent stories for years to come.  But the good stuff, I believe, is what happens in the befores and afters.  A photo (sometimes more) an hour:  Wednesday, July 4. 

9am:  Garfield-approved breakfast al fresco.  I adore dinner leftovers for breakfast.

10am: Enjoying a quick jaunt about the garden.  There is magic in flowers and sunshine...  

11am:  Writing up the week's wish and to-do lists.

12pm: Violets and my favorite bauble sparkle in the sunshine.

1pm: Fourth of July Parade in beautiful Ralston, Nebraska.  This is the parade I always loved.  The biggest and best in the city.  It is the quintessential midwest small-town homage to America.  And I love it.  Even if it was 104 degrees.  Even if I got a scorching sunburn.  From sitting in the shade.

2pm:  The parade continues - Happy 100th Birthday Ralston.    

3pm:   Sometimes it's so hot you just have to sleep it off... 

4pm: Simple summer caprese salad. 

5pm: The table is set for an evening with friends and family. 

6pm:  I often marvel at the motley crew that ends up around my family's dinner table.  When I was younger and angst-ridden, I remember thinking my parents were incredibly lame.  They never went out.  Never did anything.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Their door is always open and their table is always waiting... friends are never far behind.  It is the best kind of socializing.  

7pm: Excellent white wine with a heavy splash of Sprite - a most refreshing spritzer on an incredibly hot day.  

8pm: The remnants of a delightful berry trifle. 

9pm: It ended with a bang.   Fireworks make me so incredibly happy.  Big, professional shows and neighborhood shenanigans alike - I love the smell, the sound, and the look of them.  Such an impressive way to end the day.  

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