Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Empty Space

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I've been away.  Which is not especially excusable or explainable.  It hasn't especially made me feel good - what may have initially been a calming force, has actually made me feel a bit untethered.  Suffice it to say, beginning again in a new city with a new job in a place where reputations and realities don't necessarily meet expectations has been incredibly difficult.  

It's been a very isolating experience.  Shedding layers of comfort can be a freeing thing, I suppose.  At the moment, it's just uncomfortable.  But there is always much to be learned from discomfort and struggle.  Hopefully these empty moments will lead to greater fulfillment.  

In any event, if isolation and emptiness seem to be on the menu, perhaps it is not my time to question it.  Perhaps solitude is exactly what I need.  

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