Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fired Up & Proud As Hell

I find myself questioning a lot these days.  Wondering what the future will hold.  What the leaders of the past - inspirations to generations long past their passing - would have to say to us.  Our generation.  Our problems.  Our selfishness.  Our greed.  

But tonight, I do not question.  Tonight, I am not only pumped up, inspired and excited about the future - I am proud of who we are.  The things we, as a people,  have worked hard for, come together for, struggled for, fought for.

Say what you will for modern politics.  Say what you will for the huge and ever-growing gaps between the haves and the have-nots.  The believers and the non-believers.  The blacks, the whites, the gays, the straights and every shade, every shape and every facet of humanity that comes in between.  Tonight, I care less about the specific words that have been said or who has uttered them, then I do about the energy and the passion and the ferocity with which they have been said.

Pacification is not the way of inspiration.  It is not the way of change.  It is not the way of motivation or organization or immobilization.  To pacify is to call a cease fire.  These are not times to sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the ride.  It's time to get energized.  It is the time to assemble, stand up for what you believe and make your voice heard.

We are the torches of new generations.  We cannot afford to allow ourselves to go out.

Tonight, I am fired up.  Tonight, I am proud as hell.  

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