Monday, September 10, 2012

It's A Schooner!

"Write it on your heart, that every day is the best day of the year."  
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I... 

*  Found that certain something I've been looking for.  Only to realize I didn't really need it after all.  
*  Tore a hole in one of my most favorite skirts. 
*  Erased 3 hours worth of work with one foul keystroke. 
*  Made a child cry - loud, blubbering, hands on face, wailing, snot-filled tears.  
*  Felt disappointment at every turn.  Towards everyone.  Including myself. 
*  Was confused more often than I understood. 
*  Identified the funk in my classroom:  stale, used cat litter.  And formaldehyde-flavored frog.  Have not yet found the source of said funk. 
*  Slipped on a rogue pen cap and nearly flew face first down a flight of stairs.  Nearly. 
*  Dropped my lunch on the floor.  
*  Forgot to stock the classroom fridge with Diet Coke.  (!!)
*  Missed three messages from friends I'm dying to talk to.  
*  Stepped on my kitten and nearly cried myself. 
*  Ate a fantastic dinner with family. 
*  Burned off calories, frustration and rage on the treadmill. 
*  Cuddled with the kitten, who has, it seems, forgiven me for my indiscretions.  For now.  
*  Fondly remembered spending evenings at Kinko's helping a high school friend create a "Where's Ralph Waldo" poster, complete with R.W.E. in stripe-y scarf, sweater, and stocking hat. 

*  Realized that maybe that's the point, after all.  Maybe finding Ralph Waldo is just as difficult as finding the truth in his words.  Sometimes it's easy, too.  But never when you need it.  When you need it, you have to squint, get uncomfortable, relax your eyes and realize that it's been right in front of you all along.   After all, life is at it's core one giant Magic Eye poster.  Sometimes the harder you look for it, the more illusive it is.    
Schooner...  Sailboat...  Whatever.  

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