Saturday, September 8, 2012

When I Rule the World... 11 Things

1.  Doughnuts will be discovered as the miracle of all miracle foods - delightful and delicious, with the added perk of aiding in weight loss and mental clarity.

2.  HBO will be available for purchase without also purchasing the entirety of your cable provider's offerings.  It will cost less than your car payment.  

3.  Bluegrass, jazz, blues and soul will reemerge at the forefront of the popular music scene.

4.  "Make do, mend, or do without" will be the new mantra for the 21st century.

5.  Long-range train travel will become wildly popular, efficient and affordable in America.  Platzkart will force strangers to bond over salted fish, vodka, black bread, and canned tomatoes.  The world will become a better place.

6.  MTV will go back to playing music.  ...what a concept.

7.  Doctors will prescribe appointments with playgrounds and swings before they suggest Prosac and Xanex.  Adults will return to the swings, teeter-totters, and merry-go-rounds of their childhoods with tenacity and joy, unafraid of anything except missing the moment.

8.  There will always be time for a leisurely cup of coffee or tea in the morning, yoga in the afternoon, a good book and easy conversation in the evening.

9.  Savage Love will be required listening.  We will all strive to become a wee bit more GGG.  We will always address new relationships with campsite mentality.

10.  Every man, woman and child will learn the old fashioned art of survival - gardening, sewing, animal husbandry, cooking, cleaning, around-the-house handiness, and self-motivated-non-electronic entertainment.

11.  Every celebration worth its salt will conclude with a colossal showing of ear-shattering, awe-inspiring fireworks.

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