Thursday, October 18, 2012

Since I've Been Away...

Today is a good day.  There is much to be done over this lovely, long weekend.  But for today, I have acquiesced to the pajamas, the couch and the blankets.  A beautiful thing.  It is cold and rainy outside, but inside it is warm and cozy.  And much has happened since I've been away.  The long and the short of it?  Life goes on.  And it's just getting better and better. 

I've spent these past days... 

* sipping wine at an outdoor festival in the middle of downpour. 
* watching Nebraska football from the South Stadium (#26)
* singing in a USO show on the last trip of a historic dinner train. 
* relearning how to crochet. 
* buying a Smash Book.  And staring at it blankly for want of inspiration. 
* singing broadway and Freebird at a funeral.   
* grading 232 essays. 
* posting discussion boards for a most uninspiring online course. 
* discovering, to my serious dismay, that Pumpkin Spice lattes and my tummy are not friends.  
* making homemade pizza. 
* Drinking vodka and noshing suharyki, caviar, black bread and salat olivia with Peace Corps friends and their Russians. 
* Pretending I'm 21 again with college friends.
* remembering just how awesome Amigos' fake mexican food really is.  
* limbering up and feeling awfully feisty after a trip to the chiropractor.  I am a new woman.  
* questioning most things. 
* celebrating National Coming Out Day with word and song. 
* looking a righteous mess in the name of school spirit. 
* celebrating connection, love, and commitment regardless of law, popularity, or gender. 
* re-mastering the art of Victory Rolls.  
* seeing Esperanza Spalding, lusting after her talent, hair, and style. 
* teaching the children. 
* talking my jaw off at parent-teacher conferences. 
* jumping up and down after being invited to my very first bar mitzva. 
* reconnecting with friends. 
* making new ones. 
* connecting with 100 years of sisterhood - for the first time.  
* finding balance - or at least dreaming of it. 

* embracing my irreverence.  
* reading a bit, pondering more, and laughing so much. 

Who knows what the next days will bring...

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