Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm More of a To-Do List Kinda Girl... 31 for 31

Every new year, people make resolutions like it's going out of style.  I've totally done this.  Last year, for example, I'm rather proud that I made really good progress toward accomplishing them.  But they can be so vague.  

I heard a report on the radio yesterday that said that gym memberships, fostering the cliche' of all resolutions, make something like 75% of their annual revenue during the "resolution season", while most people who commit to using the gym's services in the new year usually fizzle out in less than 3 months.  I've so been that girl.

So this year, instead of doing the all-purpose, easy to forget about or just ignore, grand notions of improvement... I'm making a concrete list.  These are the things I want to do during 2013.  

31 things for my 31st year...

1.  Get a Tarot card reading. Look at life through different eyes.  Bring optimistic skepticism and enjoy the 

2.  View Virginia through tourist eyes.  Visit friends.  Acknowledge the loss and embrace the good. 
3.  Visit at least two amusement parks.  One of these must be King's Dominion.  It is the happiest place 
       on earth.  
4.  Go on at least 5 good-to-great dates.  Open up to new opportunities and seek the good without 
5.  Picnic in the park.  Bring a blanket and homemade food to share.  Soak up the sun and relax without 
6.  Reclaim Valentine's Day.  To accept love,  it is first necessary to acknowledge and give love openly and 
       without expectation of return. 
7.  Cook, eat and share food that nourishes body and soul.  Embrace more whole foods and get rid of 
       unnecessary, processed, or nutrient-lacking products. 
8.  Reclaim the workout. Find solace and healing of body and soul.  Claim time and space for rejuvenation.  
       Reap the rewards.  
9.  Sleep under the stars.  Embrace the nature, find connection to the quiet stillness.  
10.  Complete Project365.  One photo for each day of the year.  Pay attention to little changes.  
11.  Read at least 35 books.  Find, use, and learn to love the library.    
12.  Blog at least twice a week.  Take photos and record the moments that make life special.  Find the good 
          in life's icky moments and avoid turning into Negative Nancy.  Nobody likes her.  
13.  Go skiing.  No one should wait years before doing things they love.   
14.  Go back to the mat.  Find a studio, share respect for self, body and soul.  
15.  Drink more water.  
16.  Attend Groundhog Prom.  Embrace the ridiculous, dress up and have fun. 
17.  Play with the kitten every day.  Because she deserves it.  
18.  Create a usable space for life and studying.  Keep it clean.
19.  Pick apples from an orchard, choose pumpkins from a patch.  Make pie from them.  Because it 
          is delicious.  
20.  Complete SmashBook.  Take time.  Reflect.  Look back at moments past and never ignore the truth that 
21.  Cross stitch something frame-able.  Preferably something that isn't embarrassing or ridiculous 
          should it be seen hanging on a wall. 
22.  Successfully navigate three courses towards certification.  Get good grades.  Complete papers.  
          Ignore fact that these classes have already been taken.  Grumble.  
23.  See something at the Orpheum.  Dress up.  Drink champagne and eat cheap food.  Celebrate the joy 
          of an evening out.  
24.  Make homemade jam.  Give handmade gifts filled with love.   
25.  Plant and tend a garden.  Get dirty and bond with the earth. 
26.  Eat a hot dog with the works at a ballpark.  Seventh inning stretch optional.   
27.  Climb to a mountain summit.  Soak in the grandeur of the moment.  
28.  Take dance lessons.  Swing or ballroom.. something with technique and magic.  Find freedom in the 
29.  Volunteer in a soup kitchen. Give back.  Strike up a conversation with a stranger.  Find beauty in the 
30.  Buy a sewing machine.  Use it to create something lovely and practical. Mend clothing.  Avoid looking 
31.  Laugh every day.  There is nothing better.  

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