Thursday, January 3, 2013

Magic In The Air


 This year, like so many that have come before, has gone by with such flourish it is nearly impossible to believe it.  So much has transpired, so many new beginnings, so many goodbyes, so many moments of simple beauty and bliss.  It's hard to keep track of it all.  

This was the reason I decided to start a blog.  This was it.  This meager attempt to not only carve space for myself in my own life, but to remember.  To document.  To cherish.  Not just the major moments, but little ones, too.   
It's sort of worked.  A start, to be sure, and definitely something I'm excited to continue.  Like most things, hindsight brings all kinds of clarity.  Looking over the posts of this past year, I feel quite good about it.  The process.  A cleansing of sorts.  And that's been pretty amazing.  So many moments I would otherwise have not remembered... the little day to day bits that make the passing days special. 

I started this year with four simple goals.  But while no resolution is really every 100% complete (in my world, anyway), 2012 has brought so much more.  

In 2012 I:

* Spent a ton of time at the dentist prettying up my teeth... and lost control of my face as a result.  Twice.  
* Corrected the world's ills with tasty borshchbanana bread, and chicken soup.  
* Restored a ragged soul with clogging treks to parks and battlefields.  Smelled the earth and sky.  
* Attended more than 35 middle school sporting events, struggled with coaching purpose, and ultimately celebrated a long fought victory with my cheerleading lovelies.  
* Hosted my very first mother's day brunch with amazing friends.
* Read more than 30 books - some truly life altering, others... not so much. 
* Saw the Hunger Games 11 times.  In the theatre.  Felt more centered and connected to my true self.  
* Soaked up loads of kitten cuddles.  Craved more and more all the time. 
* Made life-altering decisions. 
* Waited for certainty.   (still waiting....)
* Lost weeks of sleep and struggled with the worst nightmares of my adult life
* Drank champagne with hard-earned friends on Georgetown rooftops. 
* Planned, decorated and celebrated the end of an era Hollywood-style.  Lost camera in process.  
* Said goodbye to amazing friends, coworkers and students. Cried many ugly, heartfelt tears.  
* Moved across country to start over, at the ripe old age of 30, in every way possible. 
* Greeted grand expectations with harsh realities. 
* Watched loads of fireworks, listened to loads of jazz, drank lots of wine and beer. 
* Found creative, livable solutions to strange situations
* Wore white to a wedding. (whoops)  Remembered why I love Seattle and my dearest long-distance friend. 
* Celebrated birthdays with Ukrainian friends over the world's best vodka, salat olivia, and homemade pickles.  Found bliss.   
* Reaffirmed college friendships and connections with organization and city.  
* Joined the Sea of Red as all good Huskers do.
* Dressed like a damn fool in the name of school spirit.  
* Sang broadway and Freebird at a funeral.   Struggled to decide whether it was more appropriate to cry or giggle. 
* Graded more than 1000 middle school essays.  This is not an exaggeration.  
* Started my first Smash Book.  
* Re-mastered the art of Victory Rolls. 
* Decorated pumpkins and fireplaces and trees. 
* Found my inner feisty, developed a bit of a crush on one of the smartest ladies around, and re-elected a President in the process.  None of this is very surprising.  
* Celebrated my 31st year with a spectacular bout of food poisoning.  Awesome.  
* Successfully completed the first of many courses on the road to certification.  Nearly suffered a stroke from the boredom, but lived to tell the tale. 
* Drank enormous amounts of diet coke.  But of course.  

Looking at this list brings back so many things... so many emotions and memories.  So many accomplishments... so much good.  It's easy to feel a bit hum-drum in the moment.  It's easy to loose track of the positive bits, those little moments that really do make your heart happy.  There are bits of this year that I didn't record here.  I kind of regret this.  There are posts I've made that when I look back just ooze the Negative Nancy I don't want to be.  I kind of regret this, too.  But what a gift it is to look back.  To take note and remember the little bits of time and space that made you who you were this year.  To record the growth.  The changes.  The minutia.  They may be idiosyncrasies, but that's the good stuff.  The stuff that makes us interesting.  The stuff that make these days worth living.  
So here's to saying goodbye to a strange, tumultuous, joyous, and overwhelming 2012 - and hello to a wonderful, adventurous and oh so exciting 2013.  I've got a feeling about this one... it's going to be great.  

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