Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slow and Steady

Today changed the moment it began.  What started in an inward frenzy, quickly turned quiet. Slow.  Snow days have a tendency to do that.  A little mid-week gift.  Wrapped in quiet, sparkling whiteness.  

Today is a gift of productivity - for the first time in my memory, I woke up before the alarm clock.  Rested.  Restored.  Ready for the day.  Also for the first time in my memory, recent or otherwise, I could not go back to sleep.  Like the day had too much for me to let me sleep through it.  With the wealth of snow-blowing and napping and movie-watching and NPR listening, I cannot complain.  It has been a blissful day.  Slow and steady.  As it should be.  

Brewing:  a fresh pot of Earl Grey to sip slowly after dinner.  Forcing me to slow down, savoring the moment.  Reflecting on the day.  

Creating:  bringing ideas for upcoming Oscar festivities to life.  Smashing the inner voice between pages for preservation's sake.  Making a general mess of the living room. 

Listening:  Lena Dunham's "The Girls" makes my heart happy.  In a squirmy, awkward, ohgodwhatintheworldaretheysaying/doing/wearing, yet somehow intellectually stimulating kind of way.  This interview does much to explain the hows and whys.  

Craving: crostini and cross stitch.  

Reading:  My Berlin Kitchen.  Slowly.  But delightfully.  

Noshing:  Ungodly amounts of Amish Friendship Bread.    

Feeling:  Happy.  Despite the longing for places and people missed.  It is inexplicable and unexpected.  Much like the snow.  It is, indeed, a cold and broken hallelujah.  

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