Thursday, January 17, 2013

These Days...

Ah Janurary... cold and unforgiving, laziness and relaxation producing... 

*  These are days for soaking in the early semester, no-need-to-grade-papers-at-home-ness of it all.  

*  These are days when that extra glass of wine (or the one glass of red) calls my name and says, yes please... come drink me. 
*  These are days when new jobs and new people start to feel normal. 
*  These are days when a cuddle fest with the kitten seems just too good to pass up.  
*  These are days when a comfy chair or couch or blanket calls out... please.  Relax.  Come sit a  spell and be still.  
*  These are days when the Earl Grey is refilled often and a hot mug soothes a comfortable soul.  
*  These are days when even the book on the table calls out, and the sleepiness becomes dire, watching that next episode of TrueBlood seems all the more important.  
*  These are days of fighting the plague and winning.  
*  These are days of reconnecting with friends.  Missing and not missing the hours shared under a common purpose.  
*  These are days of renewal and rejuvenation.  When ideas come forth and plans begin to hatch.  

Perhaps not as active as I'd hoped.  Perhaps not as organized or disciplined as I would have liked.  But good.  These are good days.  

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