Friday, April 5, 2013

How'd that Happen?

In the grand list of things I'm not awesome at, taking time to do what makes me happy and makes me feel fulfilled is right up there.  There's not a good reason for it.  But it's a thing.  I get busy, take on additional duties in mind and body and one way or another, the things that make me really really happy end up getting pushed back.  

It's kind of like getting my hair done.  I can afford it.  I have the time.  I have a stylist I trust with my head, which, let's be honest, is kind of a big deal.  I go in, get things taken care of and walk out of the salon feeling like a million bucks.  Yet I put it off.  I went in today and realized it had been over 3 months since my last visit.  And that's just silly.    

I'd like to get better at prioritizing my... you know, priorities.  Things that make me feel happy and fulfilled.   I recently read something that said the places, people, and things we love and place the highest value on are what we devote our time and energy to.  

So I hereby dedicate April, 2013 to prioritizing and devoting time for things, people and activities that make me happy.  It's the perfect time for after-dinner walks, spending quality time with friends and family, and making plans for adventures big and small.  Oh yes, and eating more fruit.  Because a bit of practicality couldn't hurt.  


  1. oh girl, SAME! i am of the same breed. how many times do i huff over 15 bucks to great clips to get a lackluster haircut i just end up cutting myself later? too many times. such a simple lesson, but so easy to forget :)

  2. SO glad I'm not the only one!


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