Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Stupids

Every year, when the school year closes and I regain complete control of my activities for the day, I absolutely and completely let things go to crap.  I get so excited to sit around, run errands at my leisure, read the books I've been accumulating on my shelves, and on my bedside filing cabinet, and in the trunk of my car.  I stop wearing full makeup and sometimes don't shower.  Heels are relegated to the closet.  Dreams of workouts and sunshine and picnics and live music and fireworks dance in my head.  I watch loads of terrible television.  I watch movies.  I do nothing that is at all worthwhile.  I get coffee with friends, and wine with friends, and snacks with friends. Sometimes the padre and I go on movie dates.  The madre and I go visit the grandma, because she's awesome.  The to do/dream list is in full effect, as it is every summer.  

* This year I'm taking a summer class.  It's intense.  More so than I was expecting, but it actually kind of looks like it may be worthwhile.  Thumbs up.  
* I want to read the novels I'll be teaching next year.  Night, Endless Steppe, Between Shades of Grey, Midsummer Night's Dream, Call of the Wild.  Competence is recommended in the teaching profession.  
* I want to reorganize the room.  The density level is currently bothersome. 
* I want to work out more.  I'd like to end the summer smaller than I've started it.    
* I am going out of town for a wedding in July.  Plenty of time to plan and all, but I just realized I haven't really considered hotel costs into my budget.  My standby couch provider is the bride.... so.... that's not gonna work.      
* I'm going to get a tan... though more likely a solid burn that will turn back to pale by the time anyone sees it.  
* Very soon, I'm spending two weeks in Virginia with some favorite people.  I would like to not take my laptop with me, as it is distracting from quality conversation, relaxation, and roller coasters.  Due to the aforementioned class and its pesky due dates, it's not looking like that is going to be a possibility.  (Grumbly bits). 

All of this together, the good, the mundane, and the lazy has left me feeling at a bit of a loss.  Just like I do at the beginning of every summer.  I need schedules.  I need deadlines.  I need to establish a summertime routine.  I need to get my life goether.    But while I need to make sure my days are productive (which sometimes works), I refuse to set an alarm unless gatherings, fun, or shenanigans are pre-planned.  It appears I also refuse to stop drinking caffeinated beverages until bedtime.  And whilst considering the tasks at hand, fun, relaxing, otherwise with my stubborn unwillingness to set an alarm clock or God forbid, get-out-of-bed-before-being-entirely-rested-because-it's-summer-and-damnit-I-can.  This leads to a pretty miserable evening.  Physically pretty darn tired.  But the caffeine. Just. Won't. Shut. Off.   

So here we are. Once again.  Rife with a roaring case of the summer stupids.  

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