Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tumbling Through Summer

These days...

Swimming in the ice cold ocean
Seeing old friends 
Getting and giving the hugs
Reveling and reckoning
Watching obscene amounts, and yet not nearly enough,  Dr. Who. 
Getting smacked with new interests and discoveries
Being overwhelmed with classwork
Reading all the books
Listening to all the podcasts
Getting a tan! (sorta)
Kind of hating the tan... go figure. 
Cleaning and organizing
Prepping for weddings
Doing more classwork
Watching the fireworks
Drinking lots of coconut water
Daydreaming of paper lanterns and long flowy dresses and night picnics
Planning, plotting, and doing still more classwork

And generally not blogging, unless it's easy.  And mostly wordless.  Like this.  And this.  

The living is easy.  And busy.  And swift moving.  

Tis Summer.  
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