About Me

Hello, friends!  My name is Elizabeth.   I live on the edge of suburban sprawl near Washington, D.C., and consider it a huge blessing that every day I look out of my front lawn to see a family farm and cows at pasture.  An urban-minded girl, deep down I feel like one day I should pack it all in and move back home to my grandparents' farm in Nebraska.  I’m an educator, a coach, a wanna-be foodie, and a collector of truly great bad date stories.  I laugh a lot everyday.  I love making things from scratch, and dreaming up ways to live the best life I can.  
I’m a passionate teacher and coach to a menagerie of middle school personalities.  I spend my days trying to inject authenticity, creativity and real thought into a very rigid learning system, then throwing it all out of the window in the name of polyester skirts, showmanship, stunting and pom poms.  So many pom poms.  

After going through university studying English and Theatre, I joined the Peace Corps and spent a little over two years living and working in Ukraine.  It was there that I fell in love with teaching and with the wide open spaces of the countryside.  I also feel head over heels in love with an adorable and oh-so-lovable kitten I called Melo.  She came home with me and has been my best girl ever since.  

I love the hustle and bustle and conveniences of big city life, but deep down, I'm a very small town girl.  If I could live my life every day with the simplicity of my time in Ukraine, I could not ask for anything more.  Really, really.

I can't get enough of
Diet Coke, good books, complicatedly realistic films, singing, telling stories, laughing with friends, riding roller-coasters, getting lost in the woods, old Beatles records, vintage stores, used bookstores, cooking from scratch, spur of the moment road trips, thunder and snow storms, dressing up, and kitten cuddles.  
I can't quite get the hang of: 
Being a proper grown up, keeping my nail polish from chipping, suffering fools, sticking to my budget,  being on time for dentist appointments and getting out of bed when I’m supposed to.
You can find me on facebook or contact me here!  
If you have an amazing book to read, recipe to share or have a sweet idea for a road trip, let me know!!  

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